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Motion Design

Desktop Health
Senior Motion Designer

Motion design, photorealistic and stylized rendering for brand awareness, social media and marketing campaigns. Handling outside vendors, internal teams and managing projects from start to finish. Technical direction, workflow scripting and implementation using Python, Java and MAXScript.

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Who knew dentures could look so SEXY!?

Haha...I didn't either! Such a challenge to get dental indications to look sexy / appealing / not like they are straight out of a horror flick.

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” - Albert Einstein

It was with true excitement that I accepted the position as Senior Motion Designer at Desktop Health. It's not often you get an opportunity to do what you love while working toward a greater good, and I feel that Desktop Health and Desktop Metal are doing just that. Additive manufacturing is the future of humanity, in my mind, and being able to play even the smallest role in propelling that reality is gratifying beyond words.

Dealing with organic shapes and models was definitely new ground for me, and while it presented innumerable challenges, it pushed me to become a stronger artist. I've become more comfortable with modeling, UV unwrapping, shading and texturing, and pushed my knowledge of SubSurface Scattering to the limits. While frustrating at times, I feel I've grown tremendously in a short time at Desktop Health.