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3D Generalist | FXTD

I've been learning Houdini (VEX), 3ds Max (MaxScript), Nuke, Deadline, Python and a whole bunch of other cool stuff over the last couple of years. I use a bunch of different render engines, Arnold, Redshift, Octane, V-Ray, Cycles in a lot of different programs. I'm just now diving into Unreal Engine and Unity to get some game dev chops.

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Loving procedural workflows and coding!

I've always wanted to learn how to code so that I could create my own custom tools and I'm finally getting to a place where I can whip out some quick code to help speed up my workflow and automate things.

“Art consists of reshaping life, but it does not create life nor cause life.” - Stanley Kubrick

If art consists of reshaping life, I'm definitely art! I've been all over the map in my career, cinematographer, gaffer, key grip, jib op, steadicam, boat cam, heli cam, DIT, editor, compositor, producer, animator, but the ones I'm enjoying the most are what I'm doing now, 3D Generalist and FXTD. I LOVE MAKING ART!

All of the roles I've had in production throughout the years play heavily into every project I work on. Whether it's lighting, camera movement, pipeline development, production planning, budgeting, animating, rendering, I LOVE IT ALL and I'm dedicated to mastering my crafts through a lifetime of learning and exploring. Everything is possible when you're open to it.