Motion Design

2D/3D Motion Design & Packaging

Execution of stylized product renders and animations telling highly technical visual stories. CAD conversions, material/texture creation, modeling, lighting, particle simulation, animation production and project management.

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Who knew vacuums and blenders could look SEXY!?

Haha...I certainly didn't! While the majority of the work you see here was done by yours truly, I was lucky to have excellent Creative Direction (Adam Foster) and a great team to work with. *Shoutout to Jordan Wright for the amazing steak scans.

“The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection.” - George Orwell

While we constantly strived for perfection at SharkNinja, we rarely had time to polish. I worked hard to learn my tools inside and out so that we could work quickly and effortlessly in hopes of having time to shine things up one last time before sending them out into the world.

I'm extremely proud of the work I did at SharkNinja. I learned so much about being a better Generalist, like how to properly comp the myriad of AOV passes I was constantly spitting out and how to iterate quickly in lookdev to achieve certain styles. I'm grateful for the time I had there and the lessons I learned, I can truly say I am better for it.